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August 2022 Board Meeting Minuets

Lone Cone Library District Board Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2022

Board Minutes

A regular meeting of the Library District Board was held in person and via Zoom on August 17, 2022 at
6:30 pm and called to order at 6:42 pm.

Attendees: Kerry Bentler, Carrie Andrew, Emily Haight, Laurel Henderson, Kattie Neesham, Beverly
Taylor, Kendal Smith and Town of Norwood board liaison, Niven Drybrough and Rhonda Oliver joined via

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Laurel Henderson to approve. Emily Haight seconded. Vote to accept: All Aye.
Motion of approval made by Kattie Neesham. Second made by Kerry Bentler. Vote to approve: All Aye.
Public Comment

Monthly Budget Review
• Copies – amount was incorrectly allocated due to a computer crash with the info just before
these numbers were pulled and will be adjusted by next month
• E-rate Revenue – will show less next month
• Clearnet Works – working on verification of payment amount
• Delinquent tax collection – shows on the 2019 line but has been fixed to show on the 2020 line

A motion was made by Kattie Neesham to accept budget. Second made by Emily Haight. Vote to approve:
All Aye.

Director’s Report
Discussion and projection of the final plans received from the university students for developing the
Library outdoor property. Questions discussed about various aspects of the plan.
Stats: Question about the number of computer users versus the number of computer uses to clarify that
it is designating times computer was used. Saw an uptick in Covid Test kits requests.
Motion to move the September board meeting one week later to September 19th by Kerry Bentler and
seconded by Laurel Henderson. Vote to move: All Aye

Board Member Reports

Unfinished Business

Carrie Andrew’s review will be due this fall around her hire date and has asked to have it around
November. Discussed who on board will take lead which is still TBD.

New Business
Board Retreat: Single day later in the fall to include a webinar for boards, policy updates, etc. and it was
requested to include some facilitated strategic planning. Board members say that Sunday prior to 2pm is

Adjournment at 8:44 pm. A motion to adjourn was made by Laurel Henderson. Seconded by Kerry
Bentler. Vote to accept: All aye.