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May 11, 2020

Library Board Meeting


A regular meeting of the Lone Cone Library District Board was held on May 11, 2020, at 6:00 p.m., in a Zoom meeting. Said meeting was posted with the link and password in accordance with the Sunshine Law. 

PRESENT: Lucinda Carr, Carrie Andrew, Paul Jones, Emily Haight, Brandi Platt

GUESTS: Cady Metzger


President Lucinda Carr called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.


A motion was made by Emily Haight, seconded by Paul Jones, to approve the agenda as presented.


The Library Board considered the minutes of the April 13, 2020, regular Library Board meeting for approval. 

A motion was made by Paul Jones, seconded by Emily Haight, to approve the minutes from the April 13, 2020, regular Library Board meeting as presented. All voted yes. Motion passed.


No public comment was made at this time.


No video was watched at this time, but it was encouraged that everyone keep up with them as their time allows.


Board President Lucinda Carr had questions about the insurance. Library Director Carrie Andrew informed the Board that this is an annual payment which is why the percentage is off for the year. 

It was reported that we are under budget for what we should be at this time of year for payroll. 

Library Director Carrie Andrew asked if the Board would like to do a presentation with the Auditors at the June meeting. Everyone feels that it would be beneficial.

It was noted that the advertising budget has been exceeded. Administrative Assistant Brandi Platt reported that this is due to the advertisement for the Substitute Position. We kept running the ad because we didn’t have viable candidates. 


Library Director Carrie Andrew reported that anything done in the month of April has only been our staff coming in and out and the people using the curbside services. 

It was reported that Overdrive is up by 54 from last month with people accessing it more being under the safer at home orders. It was reported that we are also still having good WiFi usage, so even being closed, we are still able to serve the community.

It was reported that we are going to keep track of how many patrons are using the curbside services.


Library Director Carrie Andrew reported that there is a potential recession and we are looking at what we can do to maintain revenue.The new networking groups that Carrie is a part of is a big way for Carrie to help to try to sustain. 

It was reported that at this time, there are not very many grants available. There are some monies that have been set aside for the recovery that are library specific. Carrie has been participating in every survey that has come to her and is making sure that our voice is being heard as much as it can. 

It was reported that there are State Senators that are advocating for libraries and Colorado, but specifically for rural areas.

It was reported that the library was going to try to open for appointment only computer usage starting on May 18, 2020, but per the current orders from the Governor, libraries are one of the businesses that are to stay closed. 

It was reported that our custodian has given his two weeks notice. We will start to advertise for this position as soon as possible. Until the position is filled, Paul Jones offered to mow the front area of the library. It was noted that once we hire someone to fill the custodian position, there will be an extra load of the cleaning and new procedures.

It was reported that there will likely be water restrictions due to the draught. This will impact our watering schedule for the landscaping once the raw water is shut off.

It was reported that Carrie has been discussing the idea of needing to have a stronger digital and social media presence. Since we are under budget in payroll right now, it is potentially a way to bring in someone with specialized skills that can create content. Our guest, Cady Metzger, is interested in joining the Board and has experience in creating content. She said she would be willing to help in this area. 

It was reported that the Harwood Training began on April 21st. Carrie anticipates that she will be getting some really great tools from this training. She is part of a group called SPARK that is already starting to lay a foundation and started implementing economic recovery.

Board President Lucinda Carr expressed that we don’t want to lose any of our staff and that we need to ensure that we keep our current staff happy. 

It was reported that we have signed up for a new room booking software, it is geared specifically towards libraries. 


Nothing was reported at this time.


OPEN BOARD SEATS: Our guest, Cady Metzger, would love to join the Board. For Cady, as well as any others interested, a letter of interest needs to be written and addressed to Carrie Andrew and Lucinda Carr. The letter will be forwarded on to the County Commissioners. The county makes the decision, but the Board has the ability to make the recommendation. 

It was reported that we can currently have three staff members working in the building at one time. The State Librarian is advocating hard right now to try to get all of the libraries open.

It was reported that the Board will likely be doing another Zoom meeting next month. 

It was reported that Paul Jones will be out of state for all of July and the first half of August, but will try to attend the meetings via Zoom. 


RE-OPENING MASTER PLAN DISCUSSION: On hold until further notice.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:29 p.m., by Board President Lucinda Carr.