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January 2023

Lone Cone Library District Board Meeting Minutes
January 09, 2023
Board Minutes
The regular meeting of the Library District Board was held in person and via Zoom on January 9, 2023 at
6:30 pm and called to order at 6:35 pm.

Attendees: Kerry Bentler, Emily Haight, Henry Lester, Bob McKeever, Carrie Andrew, and Kendal Smith.
Rhonda Oliver, Laurel Henderson and Kattie Neesham joined via zoom. No one was absent.

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Kerry Bentler to approve the agenda. Emily Haight seconded the approval. Vote to
accept: All Aye.

Minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting by Kerry Bentler. Motion of approval made by Bob
McKeever. Second made by Henry Lester. Vote to approve: All Aye.

Public Comment
No public comment.

Monthly Budget Review
A motion was made by Kerry Bentler to accept the budget. Second made by Emily Haight. Vote to
approve: All Aye.

Director’s Report
Carrie will be out a few days in January for a surgery and funeral.

Programs have added a mid-week coffee time gathering, open to all, geared for seniors. Also, looking into
adding an after-hours program every Thursday that opens the library to the public.

IRS has received the 501(c)3 renewal application. Waiting to hear back

Received a donation from the Colorado Gives day donation push for $5000.

Board Member Reports
Motion was made to approve the bank signers for the District account to be also signers for the
Foundation account (Emily Haight, Kerry Bentler with Kendal Smith as inquiry only). Motion was made by
Henry Lester, second by Bob McKeever. Vote to approve: All aye

Will gather samples of goals and strategic plans by the next meeting from comparable libraries to use as
example for the LCL.

Henry presented data and analysis on the situation with the lack of tax payments from the oil & gas

Unfinished Business
Interested in relooking at the surveys from 2021 for goal setting and strategic plan.

New Business / Additional Board Items
Lone Cone Legacy Trust filed a waiver for conference room fees. Emily Haight recused herself from the
conversation and abstained from the vote. Motion to approve was made by Laurel Henderson and second
by Kerry Bentler. Vote to approve: All aye

Adjournment at 8:13 pm. A motion to adjourn was made by Henry Lester. Seconded by Bob McKeever.
Vote to accept: All aye.