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 July 20, 2021

Library Board Special Meeting


A special meeting of the Lone Cone Library District Board was held on July 20, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., located at 1455 Pinion Street and also via Zoom. Said meeting was posted and included the link and password in accordance with the Sunshine Law. 

PRESENT: Rheanna Xavier, Kristen Parrino, Emily Haight, Carrie Andrew, Kim Schooley

GUESTS: Kim Seter, Laura Anthon


Board President Rheanna Xavier called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


A motion was made by Kristen, seconded by Rheanna, to approve the agenda as proposed. All voted yes. Motion passed.


Initiative 27 will be on the statewide ballot in November 2021, which proposes a decrease in property taxes for residential and non-residential commercial properties. Carrie stated there would be about a 9% decrease in revenues for the library should Initiative 27 passes.

Guest Kim Seter, Attorney at Law, stated that the library has until Friday, July 23 to declare in writing an intent to propose a question for the November 2, 2021 Coordinated Election ballot with the San Miguel County Clerk and Recorder.

At the June 14th meeting, two example questions were offered to the board that were written by Kim Setter and his team. The first question proposed a “freeze” option that would ask voters to keep the rates the same for residential properties. The second question proposed increasing rates. The board preferred the first question but asked that it include all property taxes, not just residential. Kim Setter stated the question could be updated to include all property taxes.

Two board members, Sara Lopez and Laurel Henderson, were unable to attend the meeting, however Carrie was able to get their input verbally over the telephone prior to the meeting. Both stated they were in favor of going to the ballot.

Kristen Parrino felt the library should keep its options open and that the town may have other priorities.

Rheanna Xavier and Emily Haight were both in favor of going to the ballot.

Emily liked the idea of aligning the library’s messaging with other districts in the community that will be affected if Initiative 27 passes. She feels similar verbiage will help with educating the community of the negative impact Initiative 27 may have.

Rheanna felt information was available but a lot of people only want the amenities and don’t think about the costs or logistics involved in making it happen. The continued maintenance of these amenities is also a factor.

Carrie stated the best the library can hope for in offsetting the impact of Initiative 27 is ensuring everyone in the community is registered to vote. There are many new people within the district who may need to either update their voter registration or register to vote as new residents of Colorado.

Emily stated that a main focus for Carrie should be educating the various district administrators and board members in the community about the impact of Initiative 27 passing. The board and Carrie all agree.

Carrie stated that per the Lone Cone Library District By-Laws, the library is allowed up to seven board members. Currently, it has five. Kristen feels additional members will add more diversity to the board and Carrie added that more board members means more people to help educate the community about the library. 


At 7:37 p.m., a motion was made by Rheanna, seconded by Emily, to adjourn the meeting with no further action taken. All voted yes. Motion passed.