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Lone Cone Library District Board Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2023
Board Minutes
The regular meeting of the Library District Board was held in person and via Zoom on July 10th, 2023 at
6:30 pm and called to order at 6:36 pm.
Attendees: Kerry Bentler, Emily Haight, Laurel Henderson, Kattie Neesham, Carrie Andrew, and Kendal
Smith. Bob McKeever was absent.
Approval of the Agenda
Motion to approve the agenda was made by Emily Haight, a second by Laurel Henderson. Vote to
approve: All Aye
Minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting by Kerry Bentler. Motion of approval made by Kerry Bentler.
Second made by Laurel Henderson. Vote to approve: All Aye.
Public Comment
No public comment.
Monthly Budget Review
The library received $77,601.82 of its tax distribution. The county is taking the oil & gas company to court
for delinquent taxes. This will heavily delay any further contributions from the company.
There was $18,000 spent in capital outlay, which some of that was known and will likely be moved to a
more appropriate budget line.
Motion to approve the budget was made by Kerry Bentler, a second by Kattie Neesham. Vote to approve:
All Aye
Director’s Report
Taking bids for staining fence and sheds. Currently, have received one from Wormington for $1800 which
is reasonable and he did all of our previous painting.
Received a $10,000 donation from long time donors who had taken a break from donating but came back
last year with $5000 and now increased that to $10,000.
Visitor numbers went way up with several large events but the website visits were way down – will need
to check on that number.
Program comparison: Drop-in K-5 primarily STEAM and book club are following traditional tends; Early Lit
numbers have gone up and consistently have remained high
Question about the 501(c)3 status – Answer is that we are still in IRS limbo. There was some discussion
about the 990s, the 2019/2020/2021 are still processing, which could be holding up the process.
Small interlude for a Listening Session and discussion for the Digital Equities Grant discussing equitable
internet and computer access.
Board Member Reports
Unfinished Business
Discussed the Architect’s Proposal for the grounds design. There was an error in the math for the total
amount. It was decided to go for a vote on the total amount proposed. The motion to approve spending
$53,845 for the architect was made by Kerry Bentler, Seconded by Laurel Henderson. Vote to approve: All
New Business / Additional Board Items
A motion was made by Emily Haight to file for extension on the audit. Second was made by Kattie
Neesham, Vote to extend the audit: All aye.
Adjournment at 8:06 pm. A motion to adjourn was made by Kerry Bentler. Seconded by Kattie Neesham
Vote to accept: All aye.
Follow up and Action Items:
● Annual Report