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June 8, 2020

Library Board Meeting


A regular meeting of the Lone Cone Library District Board was held on June 8, 2020, at 6:00 p.m., in a Zoom meeting. Said meeting was posted with the link and password in accordance with the Sunshine Law. 

PRESENT: Lucinda Carr, Carrie Andrew, Paul Jones, Emily Haight, Brandi Platt

GUESTS: Cady Metzger, Rheanna Xavier, Rhonda Oliver, Mike Nelson


President Lucinda Carr called the meeting to order at 5:59 p.m.


A motion was made by Paul Jones, seconded by Emily Haight, to approve the agenda as presented.


Auditor Mike Nelson walked through the audit to explain the highlights for the whole Board and what they need to be looking at. Mike reported that the biggest thing the audit does for us is to make sure that we are following the standards and are in compliance. The only area of concern is the difference between the annual debt and expected revenue for operations. 


The Library Board considered the minutes of the May 11, 2020, regular Library Board meeting for approval. 

A motion was made by Emily Haight, seconded by Paul Jones, to approve the minutes from the May 11, 2020, regular Library Board meeting as presented. All voted yes. Motion passed.


No public comment was made at this time.


Library Director Carrie Andrew addressed Mike Nelson’s concerns and let the Board know that the difference is always covered with grants. It was reported that property taxes is often the case that the funding is short for operating.

It was reported that the funding from the Colorado Supreme Court Library finally came in for our Law Library. The law library has been named after the Honorable Dan H. Hughes and the family is gathering photos and plaques for the room. 

It was noted that we should be coming out of pandemic pay for the staff and start doing the hourly pay once we are able to open our doors to the public. 

It was noted that we have hired a new custodian and she is currently clocking in and out and getting paid hourly, not pandemic pay. 


Library Director Carrie Andrew reported that this report is all staff that are in and out of the building, but we are still doing curbside service. As of right now, there still seems to be an increase in number of users and items. 

It was reported that there was some program attendance, the library helped co-sponsor the SMRC with a drive in movie. We are currently looking into getting a movie license to show outdoor movies. This cost will come out of the programming budget. The Summer Reading Programs will be starting on Friday, June 12. 

The difference between SWIFT and Aspencat was explained; Aspencat is what we use on our website. SWIFT is a larger system and separate from our consortium, it allows you to request items from other libraries that are not through our consortium. It was noted that we do not contribute to 3M because our patrons mostly use Overdrive and it is most consistent with libraries nationwide. 


Library Director Carrie Andrew reported that the new calendar software setup is going great. 

It was reported that the landscapers have come. The staff have been watering the amphitheater area.  

It was reported that the Summer Reading Programs will all be held outside this year before we are able to actually open with a lot of water and soap activities. We have been working with the Wilkinson Library to get things in place for approval. 

It was reported that a lot of time has been spent with the Economic Recovery groups that Carrie is a part of. 

It was reported that a new program has been started and the Telluride Foundation is wondering if the library would like to be part of the program, hosting lunch programs for children, similar to the curbside lunches that were taking place at the school. 

It was reported that Cady Metzger and Rheanna Xavier will both go to the swearing in with the Count Commissioners for joining the Board of Trustees at 9:40 a.m. on Wednesday. Carrie will be present. 

It was reported that in July, Paul Jones will be out of the state, but would still like to attend via zoom if possible. Board President Lucinda Carr stated the meetings would likely still be via zoom for quite some time. Carrie stated that we would like to continue to broadcast through zoom even when we can go back to meeting in person because it provides more flexibility for not only the Board, but for the public as well.


Emily Haight reported that she was glad to see the participation in the vigil and thanked Carrie for doing that. Paul Jones was proud to hear that we were going to have one. Board President Lucinda Carr said that it was good to see positive news coverage about norwood. It was reported that an article about it will be in the paper. 


OPEN BOARD SEATS: Discussed in the Director’s Report.


RE-OPENING DISCUSSION: It was reported that we are hoping to open the first week of July, but will be starting the Summer Reading Programs before then.

STATEMENT OF EQUALITY AND PURPOSE: Library Director Carrie Andrew and Library Programmer Brooke Robinson were both able to attend the vigil. Carrie felt honored to be part of the planning for the vigil and helped with the letter because she wanted to make sure that there was support for our law enforcement as well as to support those that wanted to be heard. It was to be focused on bringing people to the table for conversations. It was reported that two 

members of the community were asked to be on the Today show with Al Roker. Carrie is going to help to put together a set of talking points to address how we can make it to where our community doesn’t become more divided and be an area of transition. 

A discussion was had about doing some sensitivity training with different subcultures and reaching out to people to guide us through some different conversations. The Board likes the idea and what the overall picture would be in creating a group called “Voices of Norwood”. 

A motion was made by Emily Haight, seconded by Paul Jones, to approve the voices project in principle. A note was made that the Board would like to see it as it is detailed out, but supports Carrie as she moves forward with the endeavor. All voted yes. Motion passed. 

A statement was presented to the Board for consideration of adoption. 

A motion was made by Emily Haight, seconded by Paul Jones, to adopt this statement as an expression of Library Policy. All voted yes. Motion passed. 

Paul Jones offered to write a letter to the editor that explains why we felt the need for this and what is behind the statement. It was decided to put the letter to the editor out as a precursor to the Voices Program. 

DE-GALLAGHERISING: Library Director Carrie Andrew clarified what this means. It would be a ballot question that would state no matter where Gallagher falls, we have the right to continue collecting what we have been for taxes. A lot of districts are looking at going to the ballot this year to offset in case there isn’t a fix made with Gallagher at the state level. It was suggested that we submit the declaration by the deadline, but to consider this situation further. Once the declaration is in, it is up to the Board to submit the question for the ballot or not, but the declaration has to be done first. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.