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March 2022 Board Meeting Minuets

Lone Cone Library District Board Meeting Minutes
Board Minutes

A regular meeting of the Library District Board was held via Zoom on March 16, 2022 at 6:30 pm and
called to order at 6:38 pm.
Attendees: Laurel Henderson, Emily Haught, Kerry Bentler, Carrie Andrew, Laura Anthon and Beverly
Taylor. Sara Lopez joined later.

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Emily Haught to approve. Laurel Henderson seconded. Vote to accept: All Aye.
January 10 meeting: no corrections needed. February 14 Meeting: Change to refinancing and Rheanna’s
name misspelled.

Public Comment
Kattie Neesham joined via zoom to observe as she is interested in joining the board.

Monthly Budget Review
Carrie Andrew presented there were small changes in the expected percentages in the anticipated tax
revenues that were received. More interest was received from the Paradox Oil & Gas Company than
actual taxes. $3500 grant received from Montrose Grant. Meraki Equipment some money was
reimbursed from grant monies received.

Discussion had between Real Actual vs. Personal Actual Value of Properties for how the taxes projected
for budgeting.

A motion was made by Laurel Henderson to accept the financial reporting. Seconded by Emily Haight.
Vote to accept: All Aye.

Director’s Report
Carrie Andrew presented infographics to compare numbers for 2019, 2020, 2021. Balckbaud has allowed
us out of our contract with a 20% discount. Potential matching funder for the USDA grant; there is a high
chance for approval for this grant-sound mitigation is a high need changes in zoom needs in
multipurpose rooms now.

Flag pole will be donated and installed this spring. Sheds will be moved due to large equipment being
moved and to also allow for ease of access for needs.

Working on annual report.
Unfinished Business
Moving April Meeting to the 20th

A motion to adjourn was made by Sara Lopez. Seconded by Laurel Henderson. Vote to accept: All aye