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October 11, 2021

Library Board Meeting


Lone Cone Library District Board Meeting Minutes
A regular meeting of the Lone Cone Library District Board was held on October 11, 2021, at
6:30 p.m., located at 1455 Pinion Street, Norwood, CO and also via Zoom. Said meeting was
posted and included the link and password in accordance with the Sunshine Law.

PRESENT: Rheanna Xavier, Emily Haight, Rebecca Mogg, Sara Lopez, Carrie Andrew, Laura
Anthon, and Kim Schooley

Rheanna Xavier called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

A motion was made by Rebecca, seconded by Sara, to approve the agenda as proposed. All
voted yes. Motion passed.

The Library Board considered the minutes of the September 13, 2021, regular Library Board
meeting for approval.
A motion was made by Emily, seconded by Rebecca, to approve the minutes from the
September 13, 2021, regular Library Board meeting as presented. All voted yes. Motion passed.

No public comment was made at this time.

Paradox Oil and Gas has not made payments toward their 2020 payment plan or paid their
September 2021 payment. Sara asked if there are any repercussions if the payments are not
made but Carrie states there is not much that can be done. The penalty for not making the
payments on time is increased interest rates on what is owed. The library’s income was short in
September. This time last year the county was showing 86% tax collected and right now they
are at 82%. Expenses for September were on track. The library is expecting a $25,000 donation
to commission a painting that will be displayed above the fireplace. The second Certificate of
Participation (Lease) payment was made. The library is beginning to see more money going
towards principle and less towards interest. The library could possibly refinance the loan if
interest rates go down but will bring the subject to the board before making any final decisions.
The current interest rate the library is paying is already low.

Carrie shared the most recent social media statistics. The library has gained 10 followers on
Facebook since the beginning of July. Cross-sharing has helped in getting more people to see
the library’s posts. Carrie sent an email newsletter early October that had 298 opens, 23 people
clicked through to the library’s website, only six people unsubscribed, and 48 emails bounced
back. The newsletter had a poll asking whether the information in the newsletter was relevant
and 17 people responded, all with positive feedback. Sara suggested sending the newsletter
closer to the beginning of the month to ensure library events were shared with people giving
them enough time to plan.
The library was awarded a $900 grant from the Lone Cone Legacy Trust, a NASA@Mylibrary
grant for $1600, and an ARPA grant for $5500. The library also received a donation of 30 little
Evergreen trees that Nina Kothe repotted and will care for over the winter.
Carrie will attend the San Juan Virtual Round Table conference on November 5th. She also
presented virtually to a graduate level library class at DU. The library is still waiting on
updated/refined bubble diagrams on the exterior site design. Carrie and Laura have been
working on ballot messaging.
The program attendance for September shows the number of visitors are increasing again and
Carrie states that you can see when full programming is scheduled because the numbers go up.
The EV Charging Grant (Charge Ahead Colorado) was put on hold. Carrie discussed the types
of EV charging stations and suggested the library work towards purchasing a Level 3 unit, which
has the fastest charging time. The Level 3 unit allows the library to charge money for usage
(usually about $15 for a full charge) providing an additional revenue stream and also this unit
would be placed on a map that allow drivers to plan their travels around charging stations, which
would increase visitors to the Norwood area. Rebecca agrees that a Level 3 unit would help
bring more people to the area. Carrie wants to wait until the exterior site design is closer to
being finished before moving forward with EV Charging Stations.
The library is working towards changing out its current networking equipment to Meraki. There
are two bids available, one from Granite for three year licenses for $10,687 and a second
directly through Meraki also for three year licenses for $9,927. A five year option was also
available through Meraki for $10,998. The quotes provided were for equipment only so another
quote was presented for time and materials for installation from San Juan Sound & Vision for
another $3,240. Carrie feels the three year option is best since technology changes so quickly.
Carrie recommends the three year Meraki option with the installation through San Juan Sound &
Vision. The recently received ARPA grant and a $10,000 donation received earlier in the year
will cover the cost. There was a motion to approve by Sara and seconded by Emily.

No reports were presented at this time.

The 2022 draft budget did not have any significant changes from last month. The only change
was the 2020 Actual column was updated, which did not affect the 2022 numbers presented.
Carrie will have the final 2022 budget ready in December.

The Letter of Support for the library’s ballot question was presented to the board. Carrie read
the letter aloud and a motion was made to approve the letter by Sara and seconded by
Rheanna. The letter was signed by Sara and attested by Emily.
The library board was supposed to receive a Letter of Support for the Town of Norwood but
Laura and the town representative were not able to connect before the meeting. A motion was
approved by Rebecca and seconded by Emily on a Letter of Support for the town.
Carrie gave a special thank you for all of the hard work done by Laura on writing the Letters of
Support for the library and the town. She did a great job.

No additional board items were presented at this time.

At 7:53 p.m., a motion was made by Emily, seconded by Rebecca, to adjourn the meeting with
no further action taken. All voted yes. Motion passed.