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Lone Cone


Our Mission

To cultivate an inquisitive, inclusive, and thoughtful community by connecting people with resources both emerging and traditional; connecting people with people; and connecting people with opportunity.

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Your Community Library

The Lone Cone Library provides a community space and resource for all to experience and enjoy. We offer diverse programing, unique check out items for education and recreation, offer public and private gathering spaces, and have a multitude of resources available for research and continued learning. Come by and enjoy all we have to offer to our community and patrons. 


Dungeons and Dragons at Lone Cone Library

Dungeons and Dragons at Lone Cone Library

Curious about how Dungeons and Dragons, one of the Lone Cone Library’s newest and most popular programs, fits into the library scene? Hear all about it from one of our Circulation Assistants, and the library’s resident Dungeon Master, Evan Allen.

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New Materials

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