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Patron Code of Conduct Policy

Patron Code of Conduct Policy

The Lone Cone Library District creates a welcoming environment for all. LCLD provides resources and services to patrons and visitors in a manner that ensures their safety in an atmosphere of courtesy and respect. To clarify the behavior expected by those on library property, and the consequences of behavior, the following Regulations have been adopted. 



Individuals on library property will, at all times, show respect for themselves, other library users, staff and all property of the Library. They will refrain from behavior that is illegal; that may constitute a danger to themselves or others; that is disruptive, threatens, and/or damages library property. Library patrons will keep all valuables and personal property with them at all times. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Permitted conduct in the library includes:

  • Quiet and courteous use of cell phone in lobby
  • Small group congregation for social, study or discussion purposes
  • Consumption of light snacks and covered beverages in lobby
  • Service animals as defined by ADA and Disability Law Colorado
  • See Community Room Policies as appropriate


Prohibited conduct in the library includes, but is not limited to:

  • Code of Conduct Violations: violating any Library District Policy,  Patron Code of Conduct or rules for usage of materials, computers or other library property.
  • Failure to Comply: failure to comply with any request or demand of staff.
  • The Lone Cone Library District reserves the right to remove any person and/or restrict library privileges of any person whose conduct is deemed by library staff to violate this Code of Conduct. Recurring offenses may elevate the penalty.



The following forms of misconduct are deemed serious and may result in restricting access to the Lone Cone Library District for up to 90 (ninety) days depending upon the frequency or severity of the incident(s). The age of the patron and any mental disabilities that play a role in the inappropriate behavior will be considered. Authorities will be notified as appropriate and necessary.

  • Alcohol/Drugs/Intoxication: possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or illegal drugs or being under their influence.
  • Disorderly Conduct: disrupting the normal flow of library operations or interfering with the use and enjoyment of the library by others; repeatedly questioning, commenting, approaching or confronting staff with questions or comments currently being addressed or previously addressed.
  • Identity Theft:  obtaining, possessing, transferring or in any way using the identifying information of another without that person’s consent including using another person’s library card without their permission.
  • Inappropriate Activities: engaging in activities inappropriate for a public library facility including, but not limited to, loud social interaction, bathing, shaving, washing clothes, sleeping, gambling, betting or wagering.
  • Misuse of Computers: utilizing library computers to engage in illegal activities, to gamble, wager or engage in booking activities, or to publicly view sexually explicit or pornographic materials.
  • Inappropriate Attire or Poor Hygiene: failure to wear appropriate attire, posing a health, safety or sanitary risk or having bodily hygiene that detracts from the enjoyment of the library by others or damages library property.
  • Theft: concealing library materials or property on library premises, theft or other attempts to convert library property to personal use.
  • Verbal Abuse: using language, words, expressions, gestures or other behavior that is intimidating, insulting, hostile, loud, abusive, obscene, offensive, rude, vulgar, or demonstrates a lack of civility to others. 


Severe Misconduct

The following forms of severe misconduct may carry up to a one year banning penalty depending upon the frequency or severity of the incident(s). The age of the patron and any medical disabilities that play a role in the inappropriate behavior will be considered. Authorities will be notified as appropriate and necessary.

  • Physical Abuse: behaving in a threatening, intimidating or violent manner toward any person, or acting in a manner that creates the potential of physical injury to oneself or others and any form of unwanted touching or other contact.
  • Property Damage: destroying, damaging, defacing or vandalizing library property on or off library premises or threatening to damage such property in any way.
  • Sexual Misconduct: engaging in any action that is sexually inappropriate or offensive including, but not limited to, lewd or lascivious behavior, indecent exposure, sexual battery, touching one’s self or others inappropriately or publicly displaying any pornographic or sexually explicit materials whether in photographic, graphic or animated form which does not relate to medical research or would otherwise be considered obscene by local community standards. 
  • Threats: communicating a threat of harm to any person or property including patrons, Library District staff members and security guards.
  • Weapons: (inapplicable to law enforcement) openly carrying a knife, blade, firearm or other object that could be used as a weapon; carrying a concealed knife, blade or other object that could be used as a weapon; or, carrying a concealed firearm without a concealed firearm permit issued by the State of Colorado.




Warning – Unless the behavior is of a criminal nature or poses a threat to others, patrons acting inappropriately will be given one warning by library staff. If their inappropriate behavior continues, they will be asked to leave the library for the rest of the day. Inappropriate behavior is anything listed in the Misconduct section of the Patron Code of Conduct. More generally stated, it is when a person’s behavior is inappropriate to the use of the library building, equipment, and materials for the purposes for which it is legally constituted.  


Banned – Patrons who refuse to follow the code of conduct after the warning process will be banned from the library by a decision of the Library Director. Depending upon the situation, the library has the option to ban the patron on a permanent or temporary basis. A banned patron may petition the Library Board of Trustees.


Trespass – Trespassing a patron is a permanent ban, and requires police intervention. If a patron has been warned twice, or was previously temporarily banned and allowed to return, yet continues with the behavioral issue, then the person-in-charge will call the police and have the patron permanently banned from the Lone Cone Library premises. However, if the behavior is criminal in nature or poses a serious threat to others, staff has the autonomy to trespass the patron without going through a warning and temporary-banning process.  


Calling the Police – In cases where a patron poses a clear danger to self or others, or where he/she deliberately violates the law, or where he/she refuses to leave the library after being required to do so, staff should call the police department for assistance.  


Write an Incident Report – Each staff person witnessing any incident will write an incident report and submit it to their supervisor.


In Case of Patron Suspension

The Library Director will send a certified letter to the patron. If the patron comes in before the certified letter has been delivered, the person-in-charge will hand them a physical copy of the letter and ask the Patron to leave the premises. 

  1. Call the Director or Dispatch if the patron is unwilling to leave or unruly..
  2. The Director or the Marshal/Deputy should escort the suspended patron(s) off the library grounds and remind the suspended patron(s) about not returning to the library until they have been reinstated.



At the recommendation of library staff, the Library Director or designee will issue a letter to the patron specifying the behavior that has violated the Patron Code of Conduct and the penalty for doing so, which may include a banning from the Lone Cone Library District premises for the periods specified above.


At the recommendation of the Library Director, the Board of Trustees may ban a patron from the Lone Cone Library District library for a period of more than one year if the patron’s conduct is deemed an ongoing threat to library patrons or staff.


Any patron banned from the Lone Cone Library District library may appeal once in writing to the Lone Cone Library District Board of Trustees. An appeal petition must be mailed or delivered to the Library Director at: Lone Cone Library District, PO Box 127, 1455 Pinion St., Norwood, Colorado, 81423 within 15 (fifteen) days of the date of any action taken to ban the patron. The appeal petition must include all of the reasons the patron believes he or she is not in violation of the Patron Code of Conduct and state why the patron cannot comply with any requests of library personnel that would otherwise have allowed reinstatement of library privileges.


The Board of Trustees will issue a written determination of the appealed matter within 45 (forty-five) days of receipt of the petition. The Board of Trustees may uphold the ban, overturn the ban or propose an accommodation to the banned patron. The determination is final and shall have no precedential value. An appeal may not be repeated. 



Emergency Situations – An emergency situation can be defined as any situation in which a patron’s actions present an imminent danger to the life or safety of him/herself or others. Such incidents include assault and other crimes of violence, or the threat or attempt to commit such crimes. A staff member who observes or receives a report of such behavior will call the police or 911 immediately. 


Theft or Vandalism – When a staff member observes or receives a report of a patron attempting to steal or to maliciously destroy library property, the staff member will approach the patron or report the incident to the person-in-charge immediately. When and if the patron is apprehended, the person-in-charge will discuss the problem with the patron in a reasonable manner. If it is determined that the patron has indeed stolen or vandalized library property, then the incident should be reported to the police. The library will prosecute anyone who steals or maliciously destroys library property. 


Phone Use – Patrons who are required to leave and who do not have transportation home will be allowed to make a local phone call to secure transportation. 


Unauthorized Patrons in Staff Areas – Patrons are not allowed in staff areas, due to confidentiality reasons. The exceptions to this guideline include: former employees meeting with current staff, family members visiting for a brief amount of time, officials who are being toured by library staff, board members who are here for library business, and others who are here for official library business. Staff who need to converse with patrons in a private setting are asked to use a small meeting room or conference room.