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Lone Cone Library District Board Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2022
Board Minutes

A regular meeting of the Library District Board was held in person and via Zoom on September 19, 2022
at 6:30 pm and called to order at 6:44 pm.
Attendees: Carrie Andrew, Emily Haight, Laurel Henderson, Kattie Neesham, Kendal Smith, Rhonda Oliver,
Anna Shapanski from CLiC, and Town of Norwood board liaison, Niven Drybrough. No one joined via

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Laurel Henderson to approve. Kattie Neesham seconded. Vote to accept: All Aye.
Motion of approval made by Emily Haight. Second made by Laurel Henderson. Vote to approve: All Aye.

Public Comment

Monthly Budget Review
● Interest Income (interest earned on the account) has increased but will likely decrease from here
● Tax Collection is at 88.5%, which is better than previous amounts but still is short the remaining
● Grants = State Grants line includes 3 separate grants: ARPA, State grants for Libraries, Growing
Readers Together grant
● Maintenance Line showed 206%, this has been fixed and was just an error
● Utilities – we are over budget due some increases in cost, 2.2% over at this time
● Lease expenses – changed it to show $0 because of the March refinance, will have first payment in

A motion was made by Kattie Neesham to accept budget. Second made by Emily Haight. Vote to approve:
All Aye.

Director’s Report
Stats: Question about what stats are most useful for the board to see in the report. Asked the board to let
Carrie know which stats they are most interested in. Will create a report that highlights broader
categories of stats.

Discussion about signing up for Volunteers of America to gain a volunteer to help with the large STEAM

Noted there will be a 5% increase in County Health Pool (CHP) health insurance costs for the next year.
Discussed the Nonprofit Status Revocation in 2019 and tax forms submitted to the IRS since then.

Working with auditors to figure out the next steps to get 501(c)3 reinstated and the fees waived.

Working with the attorneys on the new state policies to make sure we are compliant with our current
policies and procedures. These are the Child Safety, Website accessibility, FMLI (not FMLA) regarding
Family Medical benefits.

Board Member Reports
Proposed the change of the board retreat from Oct 23rd to Nov 13th, pending confirmation so the
majority can attend.
Unfinished Business
Reviewed policies
● Photography & Video Policy – revisited the updates from May 2022.
● Collection Development Policy – reviewed new proposed changes. Motion to approve the
suggested revisions by Kattie Neesham, seconded by Emily Haight. Vote to approve: All
○ Will continue to assess need to create policy about number of allowable
reconsiderations submitted by an individual in a year.
● Reconsideration Form – reviewed updates that reflect the revisions to the Collection
Development Policy

New Business
Discussed the 2023 Draft Budget, to be review at the next board meeting and publicly posted by Oct 15th.
Several Budget items will be included – Capital Improvement: Parking lot line; Technology updates;
Potential wage adjustments to match unemployment increase of 9% (board agreed to moving in this
direction); Hiring an additional person

Adjournment at 8:18 pm. A motion to adjourn was made by Emily Haight. Seconded by Kattie Neesham.
Vote to accept: All aye.