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Board Meeting

Lone Cone Library District Board Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2023
Board Minutes

The regular meeting of the Library District Board was held in person and via Zoom on April 10, 2023 at
6:30 pm and called to order at 6:35 pm.
Attendees: Kerry Bentler, Emily Haight, Laurel Henderson, Kattie, Neesham, Bob McKeever, Carrie
Andrew, and Kendal Smith. Rhonda Oliver joined via zoom. No one was absent.

Approval of the Agenda
Motion to approve the agenda was made by Kerry Bentler, a second by Emily Haight. Vote to approve: All

Minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting by Kerry Bentler. Motion of approval made by Kerry Bentler.
Second made by Emily Haight. Vote to approve: All Aye.

Public Comment
No public comment.

Monthly Budget Review
Received first disbursement payment of approximately 42%, didn’t include any of the delinquent taxes.
Made 50% of the annual lease payment. The second one is due in September.

Director’s Report
New format for the Director’s Monthly Report.
Planning to have county Sheriffs do a walk through to familiarize with the library on May 3rd and a
training to establish procedures at a later date.
Several repair and facilities items in progress: increased facilities manager’s hours, spraying for weeds,
looking for an electrician to repair the light panel, will fix the window that shifted in the north
multipurpose room, and working with the company to fix leak in the roof (Bob McKeever suggested to
assess if it is condensation build up).
Need to have an audit completed this year due to the refinance last year. Suggested to a new firm that is
more affordable and has experience with libraries. Motion was made by Kerry Bentler to engage the
services of Blaire & Associates to do audit, second was made by Bob McKeever. Vote to approve: All Aye

Board Member Reports
Discussion about the RFP/RFQ: Carrie to meet with Monet later in the week to discuss whether we can
send out an RFQ and to discuss the timing to do so.
Once we get an architect, the library will create a community advisory committee for additional public
Motion was made to approve the updates and edits to the Library Loan Policy. Motion was made by
Laurel Henderson, second by Kattie Neesham. Vote to approve: All aye

Unfinished Business

Strategic Planning – Continuing the process. Laurel has agreed to synthesize the responses from the
questionnaire that was sent out to report back at the next meeting. To discuss possibility of doing an
additional work session at the next meeting.

New Business / Additional Board Items
Kattie will be absent for the next meeting.
Carrie will be in Australia for a month some time in Dec/Jan.

Adjournment at 7:48 pm. A motion to adjourn was made by Laurel Henderson. Seconded by Emily
Haight. Vote to accept: All aye.

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