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Dungeons and Dragons at the Lone Cone Library

By Evan Allen, Lone Cone Library Circulation Assistant and resident Dungeon Master

      Dungeons and Dragons has been a game that I’ve played since high school in the late 90s and has been a life-long passion of mine since then. In the beginning, the allure of D&D was being able to play a game that didn’t just revolve around a set of rules or dice rolls, and was not limited by the constraints of a physical game board. Instead, D&D is about the players, and the characters and stories that they want to create. The world you played in could be as big and complicated or as small and simple as you wanted! The friends I made 20 years ago playing D&D are still in touch and we still play! The overall community that has grown around our passion to play has been an integral part of my life and my growth as an individual. My capability to listen, learn, collaborate, and cooperate are probably thanks to many D&D sessions.    

     In creating the program for the Library, my only initial intention was to have a place for people who wanted to play. It wasn’t long after we started that I began to see the group grow closer and my players quickly learn how to communicate with each other to solve problems, act compassionately with others’ feelings, and adapt the situation for anyone who was feeling left out.

Inspired to join Dungeons and Dragons at the Lone Cone Library? You can sign up here!

You can also hear our Dungeon Master, Evan Allen, talk more about the program in this brief video.

      Here is a list of literature and movies I’ve used as inspiration (and sometimes I straight up “stole it”) for D&D and my players:

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