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Early Childhood Literacy

Early literacy is everything a child knows about reading and writing before he or she can write. Children get ready to read long before they start kindergarten. You can help by singing, rhyming, playing, and reading aloud every day with your children.   Every Child Ready to Read teaches parents and caregivers about the six basic skills that comprise early literacy and help determine whether a child will be ready to learn to read and write: Print Motivation, Print Awareness, Letter Knowledge, Vocabulary, Phonological Awareness, and Narrative Skills.

Websites for Parents & Caregivers 

Six Early Literacy Skills – Six simple ways to understand the value of literacy for pre-readers
Reading Tips for Parents – Techniques to encourage a lifelong love of reading in children (En Espanol)
Get Ready to Read – Skill-building activities to prepare children for school
Colorado Early Learning & Development Guidelines – Information about child development, by age group. (En Espanol)
Earlier Is Easier – Activities to engage children ages 0-3 through song, play, talking, writing, laughing, and reading
StoryBlocks – 30-60 second videos with stimulating songs, rhymes, and fingerplays (En Espanol)
Songs for Teaching – Fingerplays and action rhymes with music and how-to act them out

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