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Free Speech Zone Policy

Library buildings and grounds are limited public forums for free speech activities under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Free speech activities include, but are not limited to, petitioning, leafleting and campaign activities.

Walkways and grounds around the library building provide appropriate public spaces for free speech activities, provided the activity does not create a dangerous condition, damage Library District property, or create unnecessary maintenance expense. The Library District is authorized to impose reasonable rules that are universally applicable and content-neutral concerning the use of its property.

A map of the Library District property depicting designated areas appropriate for free speech activities, also known as “free speech zones,” is on the final page of this policy. Those exercising free speech will limit their numbers to three individuals and shall remain in the designated “Free Speech Zones.”

The following activities are prohibited on Library District property:

  • Failure to abide by the Library District’s time, place and manner restrictions and failure to remain in designated areas while conducting free speech activities;
  • Hindering, impeding or blocking the passage of any person entering or exiting the library or library grounds;
  • Continuing to impose upon, follow, shout at or against, mark for approach by others, or otherwise press an issue after having been advised of the individual’s desire to be left alone;
  • Surrounding or making serial approaches on a person;
  • Inciting or promoting imminent acts of violence or the creation of dangerous conditions;
  • Presenting, imposing, or otherwise impressing upon patrons or employees obscene materials that would be considered generally offensive within the community;
  • Unattended campaign posters, banners, yard signs and other outdoor displays (not sponsored by the Library District) shall not be posted, exhibited or left anywhere on Library District property.  Such displays will be removed without notice and disposed of by library personnel; and
  • Promotion of for-profit activities, including public solicitation of funds, advertising, vending, peddling or product sampling is prohibited. 

Map of Designated “Free Speech Zones” for Lone Cone Library District (see attached document below).

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