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Michael Donnellon

Michael Donnellon is our newest board member. Welcome to the Lone Cone Library, we are so happy to have you! 

A smiling boy and a man on a boat with a fish, surrounded by Lone Cone Mountain, water and cloudy skies.

My name is Michael Donnellon. I am 30-some years old and a resident of Wrights Mesa. I was born and raised in the Denver metro area, moving to Norwood in 2019. I have been in law enforcement since I turned 21 years old and continue to serve the community here with a local police agency. 

I am married with three young kids that attend the Norwood School. I believe infrastructure development and planning is generally something that needs to be done right the first time and have a strong belief that government entities should be good stewards of tax payer money. 

The development of future citizens depends greatly on building a foundation of respect, knowledge in core disciplines of STEAM programs and fostering responsible, disciplined youth. This is imperative for the future of our community and our collective responsibility to ensure the best environment exists to allow our youth to flourish. I have a strong patriotic belief and believe competition both academically and socially makes for well rounded individuals. 

Libraries have always been a cornerstone of our society as a place to access knowledge and grow our minds. I believe our library should be embraced and integrated into our local school that already struggles with resources. Hopefully one day, this library will be directly connected to a school campus to create a state of the art learning environment that our children and young adults deserve.

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