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Our Library of Things

Did you know that we offer more than just books and DVD’s to check out?

We have some really interesting and “unusual” items that you can check out. Do your children ever want to play with a puppet kit and you don’t have any? Don’t worry, we do! Do you ever wonder why your electric bill is so high? We have a tool to help you!

Here are some things that we offer:

Kill A Watt – With Kill A Watt, you can reduce energy costs and identify the real energy abusers. Perfect for detecting voltage drops and brownout conditions before they damage delicate equipment. the knowledge you gain from Kill A Watt can save you thousands of dollars.

Phonics – We have a variety of Phonics and Bob Books to help your child learn to read.

Theme Bags – We have interactive theme bags that are full of activities that you and your children will learn from while having fun!! All bags include a curriculum, books, and accessories to go along with the theme for a variety of ages.

Colorado State Parks Bags – We have two of these really neat bags that include accessories, brochures, and a parks pass to use at ANY Colorado State Park!

Please come in and check out these cool and “unusual” items or call 970-327-4833 for more information.

Our librarians will also be offering in-person training, you can call to schedule an appointment or you can also fill out a Book A Librarian request here:

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