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Hello, patrons! We would like to remind you about our service, Shoutbomb. 

What’s a Shoutbomb?

It’s an alert that you can receive on your mobile phone for when items are due, what items are on hold, if you have fees. You can renew items using this alert. You can also add other card numbers to this account, so you can see what your children have checked out!!

Please follow the instructions in the link to sign up, you will need your library card number and your PIN. Your PIN should be your last name in SMALL letters only. If your phone will not allow you to do a text to email, please call the library at 970-327-4833, so we can put in a ticket to our Shoutbomb contact for you.  We hope you enjoy this feature!

Why Should I Sign Up?
Receive text messages on your phone immediately when:

  • Items you requested are ready for pickup.
  • Items you are borrowing are overdue.

Use your phone to text the library to:

  • Renew your items
  • Display Fines and Fees

Shoutbomb has features to make managing your account easier:

  • Send and Receive texts in English or Spanish.
  • Receive notices on multiple library cards.

What Do I Need To Sign Up?
Signing up is totally free! Standard text rates apply. Shoutbomb will only work with phones
that can receive SMS messages (most smartphones should qualify)

How To Sign Up Using Your Cell Phone:
1. Using a phone that can send text messages to an e-mail address.
2. Text the word SIGNUP to aspencat@shoutbomb.com. (To receive your messages in Spanish, use REGISTRESE instead of SIGNUP)
3. You should receive a reply asking for a library card number.
4. Text your library card number.
5. You should receive a reply asking for a PIN.
6. Text your PIN.
7. You should receive a confirmation text with an email request. (Responding with your
email address is optional.)