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Todd Bittner

Position: Library Director
A smiling man with a badge and keys on a lanyard, wearing a blue polo shirt, standing outdoors.

We are excited to welcome Todd to the team!!

Todd has proven strengths in team building, staff engagement, culture development, and has a track record of leading institutions to exceed their goals. He is a confident, compassionate, motivational leader, that believes in the ability of others to succeed beyond their perceived limitations.
Todd started his professional life while at West Chester University in Pennsylvania helping new teachers learn how to adapt to students that have unique characteristics that set them apart from the “norm.” He has used being disabled from birth as a talking point which gained the attention of seasoned professionals. He has been a keynote speaker for over 30 years including Time Warner, A.I. DuPont, West Chester University, Penn State University and countless others.
He was a corporate executive before he was 26 years and continued to grow as a professional. During his corporate years he yearned to have a greater impact on society, so he set the goal to become a member of the United States Disabled Ski, which he accomplished in less than two years. Although injuries prevented Todd from successfully competing in Nagano or Lillehammer, he was not deterred from pushing harder every day to better than the day before.
He is constantly committed to giving back to society. He believes in kindness, accountability, generosity, and self-awareness above all else, and to instill these values in the teams he leads. As an educator, athlete and historian in both rural and urban environments Todd is a lifelong learner eager to help the Lone Cone Library’s quest to connect our community with resources that cultivates inquisitive thinkers to new opportunities.

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